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Expert IRS Notice Help from Tax Attorneys

Have you been receiving IRS Notices regarding your back tax debt? Are you losing sleep worrying over tax problems? You need the help of a qualified tax professional. Advance Tax Relief (ATR) has the professional tax experience you need. Our tax team will take control of your tax problems and expedite them to resolution. We provide assistance with the following:

Notice of Tax Levy
Notice of Tax Lien
Notice of Bank Levy
Notice of Wage Garnishment
Delaying Action Is Costly

Many taxpayers bury their heads in the sand when an IRS Notice arrives. This is never the answer. You must address your outstanding tax liability now to lessen your financial exposure to:

Escalating Penalties and Fines
Wage Garnishment
Bank Levy
Tax Lien
Seizure of Assets
Criminal Action

It is imperative to hire a qualified tax professional to represent you in negotiations with the IRS. Our tax professionals have extensive experience in dealing with the IRS. Handling your back tax debt alone may result in an IRS agreement beyond what you can afford.

Types of IRS Notices

Notices address a variety of tax problems and threaten your financial security. The IRS sends these notices as a warning to delinquent taxpayers before initiating aggressive collection action.

You may receive an IRS Notice notifying you of:

Changes to Tax Returns/Balance Due
Past Due Notices
Installment Agreement Reminder
Intent to Levy Bank Account, Wages, Social Security Benefits

Notice of Deficiency

CP2000 Notice
Right to a Hearing

The tax professionals at Advance Tax Relief have the knowledge and experience to deal with all IRS Notices, including notices for the tax lien, tax audit, tax levy, bank levy or wage garnishment. We understand the intricacies of IRS tax laws and know how to make appropriate offers of settlement to the IRS. Our tax team also provides assistance in requesting and filing for IRS penalty abatement for any disputable interests or penalties stated in your IRS Notice.

Work with an Experienced Tax Team
Attempting to negotiate with the IRS on your own will only lead to increased financial stress and missed opportunities for settlement. You need the help that Advance Tax Relief can provide. Our full-service tax firm is composed of tax professionals, certified public accountants, and IRS enrolled agents who can guide you through the proper steps toward tax debt relief.

We will consult with you regarding your IRS Notices at no charge. Since each situation is unique, ATR tax professionals will determine the best course of action for you. We know your financial rights and what tax repayment options are available.

Our tax professionals can help with the resolution of notices for:

Tax Audit
Tax Levy
Tax Lien
Bank Levy
Wage Garnishment

Let Advance Tax Relief bring your tax problems to an end and restore your peace of mind.

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