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"According to IRS I owed IRS over $82k, Advance Tax Relief was very helpful and gave me the sense of relief that I will get pass this and I did. We Settled for $2500" - J Morris

“They were there with me from the beginning until the end, and I would definitely, definitely recommend family and friends to Advance Tax Relief. - W Linda

“If you’re in serious tax debt, I recommend these guys completely, 100 percent. It’s not a scam, it’s not fake, it’s real. They will really take care of you.” - A. Ortiz

“Noah thanks again so much for going the extra mile on my case I was really worried about how I was going to finally get my taxes in order, there was some pressing issues I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get handled, Advance Tax Relief really came through for me” - B. Johnson


Tax Investigation 

If you are facing the possibility of an IRS or state collection action, a tax investigation from Advance Tax Relief could be one of the best possible decisions you could make – and we are ready to help. By making the decision to get a tax consultation from us, you can expect the expert advice, guidance and representation needed to get you through the various IRS or state collection processes as quickly, cheaply and painlessly as possible.

Your tax investigation doesn’t just end with your first call to one of our specialists, as we have an entire team of tax consultants, attorneys and enrolled agents willing to stand by you. What’s more is the fact that our entire tax resolution team has a proven track record of results in helping people just like you, in the same situation and in the same state of mind – you are not alone. By getting a tax investigation with Advance Tax Relief you’ll receive the numerous benefits of years of experience from some of the best tax professionals in America.

Why Get a Tax Investigation?

Here are some of the reasons why a tax investigation with Advance Tax Relief could be the best decision you can make when dealing with the IRS and/or state taxing authorities:

Our Expertise

From your first tax consultation, you will know with zero uncertainty that we specialize in one thing – resolving tax problems. It’s all we do, our only mission, and our only focus. In the same way that IRS agents are experts at attempting to get what they want from taxpayers, we will show you that we’re experts at dealing with the IRS.

Inside Knowledge

We understand the IRS and state taxation authorities better than anyone because we actually work with the IRS and states every single day. Your tax consultation will make that point very, very clear to you. Our inside knowledge is a very powerful asset when it comes to both knowing what the IRS or state will try to do and how best to handle every situation possible.


Our licensed professionals who are members of the team providing your tax consultation have over 50 years of combined experience working in the tax industry. Advance Tax Relief employs only the best staff available for every aspect of your tax resolution process.

What We’ll Discuss

Here are just some of the service offerings Advance Tax Relief may discuss with you during your tax consultation:

Removing tax liens
Removing tax levies
Preventing the seizure of assets
Ending wage garnishment
Setting up installment plans
Negotiating offers-in-compromise

​Help with tax preparation
Filing overdue tax returns
Customized tax planning
Protection against criminal action
Representation before IRS auditors and revenue officers

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"You guys are the best, great expertise and service.. It was well worth it" - Mrs. Wendy, NJ